Brown eyes, Brown, other dark colours between light brown. In addition to the characteristics of the Iris in the yellow bronze properties may vary. When you choose a color for brown eyes, specifications IRIS to choose complementary colors. Highlight the special blend, close your eyes, the eyes, I want to complete the skin.
However, skin color, eye color, most of the girls that perform a wide range of chocolate eyes, then as a key factor. For example, hot skin (yellow tintid) with the beige eye, fresh skin tones makeup and pink-red base should be avoided or avoid. In general rule, dyed just uses the colors of Earth or pastel colors, whereas dark women raise their eyes should I prefer dark colors.
Brown eyes girls should avoid make-up, promote the look TPO Brown eye color. Add depth around the eyes, or assume the darker colors. Warm colors like Brown, beige, light brown, chocolate, dark chocolate chocolate chocolate chocolate eyes represent the best melody. In addition, amber, mahogany, copper, gold, in your optics, only simply for children is used as height other sounds or improve the pronunciation.
This is the other colors: Brown eyes
Coffee-preferably a light shade of beige, Tan or gray, it is Mocha points, fusain, chromatic, Olea europaea green, Hunter, copper, gold, purple, lavender, pink, pink, green and black blue. For an common formula, you must avoid silver. Plum Weborghonia, burned up chromatic, red coral, cobalt blue rented Brown eyes. Yet once, consider the properties of the colors on the eyes and complexion. You should see the colors that do not work for you.
Use layer based paint to apply the eye makeup is the first step of the eyelid which are neutral or dull. with more than 40 years, promotional help to gain ground. Champagne multicolor air.
Secondly, dark colors or stain in the rake from the optic and the contrast of color of eyes with the circumference. You wishing to make an astuteness of darker or different.
Finally, just down the base color with bright colours, or with different colours to different pressures.
Good information is the basis for more colors colours and dark warm colours such as black pride as bright matte shadow colors.
Make-up as brownish centres lulu Secrets? I dunno, it seems, many men, how exciting!
Let's start with this Eyeliner. If you are planning an evening of wave in his eyes in the city sensual languor with pain in the East, it would be preferable to change. East of the upper eyelid and carefully apply the eyeliner eyelid lashes for smaller makeup. Your cat's eyes, fold, so it must be very interesting. It is preferable to use the black eyeliner.
Must be applied progressively, starting with the dark hues of the shadow of the light and close the eyelids in saturation of the Councils. In general, were the most important points in the shadow, however, on the other hand is not possible. So, utilizing an pallet by colours, you should emphasize the secret and profundity by your eyes are brown.
If you have the clear skin pigment, it would be preferable to use the make-up with bright colors: shades of red, green and blue. Black cutis and brownish optics, Brown to a variety of color olive offer. Everything except make-up orange-brown.
Yellow straw or light hair color, it is preferable to use Indian brown ink, makeup. Raven-starts is to generate an environment just black ink. Note that for very thick eyelashes will look messy hands.